my first day at 5th semester

Yesterday was my first day at 5th. My mommy woke me up in the morning by phone, and we were praying together, because this semester maybe the toughest semester in my college life.

Slept again, then got up at 7.00 because I had my first class at 9.00. Left my ‘kost’ with my kostmates, Niken, (actually we have same starting time at Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), arrived safely at campus at 8.50. A little bit forgot about the room (and wondered, why I din’t meet my friends at my path?), went to my room at Labtek VI, met my friends there (Kasmaji had cut his hair), wait for my lecture, and as usual, my lecture arrived on time. 9.00. FYI, he was my lecture at last semester, so my friends and I knew about his rules. At that time, one of my friend, Bayu Permana Putra, attended the first class too. He was having a project in Turkey with AIESEC and suddenly he came without telling us. The difference was, his skin looked like sunburned, nearly like a boiled lobster (sorry, Bay :D).

Class finished at 10.00, maybe because it was the first day. Meet up with Yuny, we were going to Balubur to shop. I was buying stationary stuffs and Yuny was buying vegetables to cook at break-fasting time (because now is fasting month to Muslims). After that, Yuny and I were went home because our next class was at 2.00 p.m.

Went home, had lunch and did some stuffs, then went to print some cards (normally I designed the card in 3-D, but for now I have no idea to do that), went to campus again. Met up with Sandro and Linda at the gate, bought their magazine, Boulevard magazine, then ran to my class. Waiting for about 30 minutes, the lecture didn;t come. My friends said that our lecture in that class is very random, if he remember to teach and say that we will have a class, he will come, just wait, until the end of the class. We were very tired to wait so we decided to go to our ‘terresdeshommes’ (a nickname of our ‘himpunan’ room). Before that, met up with Athaina Mutia Nabeilah (Inay), that also back from Turkey, same like Bayu. The difference was her skin was getting darker and makes her more beautiful than before. Had batch meeting there, discussed about our team that attended Home Tournament at ‘himpunan’ and the plan of break-fasting and having sahur together. After that, went to PMK room, met Hanni there, bought some stuffs to Maria (yesterday was Maria’s birthday) and bought Sandro’s magazine, again.

At 6.00, had Intermedia meeting. Before that, one of my junior asked me if I am xxxxx (my brother’s name) sister, because she thought that my brother had no siblings. MAAAAN~ Maybe she was a little bit surprised. I love the first meeting today because we were not meeting formally for about two months. During the meeting, made some surprise to Maria (with help of Navigators 2010, because they were taping for a movie there), and continue the meeting that discuss about how to greet our juniors at next meeting.

After the meeting, went back to ‘himpunan’ and asked them if I could join them to Paris van Java Mall, because yesterday was TOMAT time (a watching-movie-together-at-cinema programme) and they said that I can’t join them. Think fast, and luckily Gusde was thinking of going home to Gegerkalong and I joined him walking on foot. It was very fun! We were walking together until Tomodachi, from there I walked alone on foot to PVJ. A reward to myself, had fish spa 🙂 It made me laugh, because the fish made some itchy sensation on my feet. At 9.00, walked to Blitz, got my ticket from Ronnie and Wicak, then entered the studio. I had my seat on the last row, right corner. Next to me was empty, then our ‘Kahim’, Faisal Noor Rusydi, Banteng, and Kak Meise. Seems that I was sitting with the committee~. Our ‘himpunan’ members were watching Transformers on that day, so 1/3 of the audi was filled by my ‘himpunan’, TERRA, members. A incident was happened during the show, made me uncomfortable, but Faisal said that don’t thinking about that, take it simple. At first I was very sad because one of my relatives (it’s uncomfortable to said him as your friend) did that thing, then remembered what Eja said at last meeting, “Sometimes people don’t want to come to ‘himpunan’ because they will meet their enemies there. So, now, watch yourself, are you their enemies? From there, you can check yourself if you had mistakes, so you don’t easily blame themselves.” From there, tried to enjoy the show, had a call with my mommy (it wasn’t easy to went out from the room, the advantage of the corner). Finally, the movie was finished. Had some picture (Oyon and Josh was wondered if someone brought a SLR camera, and I gave my pocket camera to Ronnie), disturbed Informatics students that had some business there, and asked my friends that their house was near me if I could join them. None of them allowed me to join them with a lot of excuses (back to their habit after ‘playingtogether’ round), thanks God I met Kak Hada, he drove me home. When I was on my way, one of my friend remembered that I didn’t have a friend to went home. Luckily when she called me, I was going home safely with Kak Hada, not taking a taxi or using ‘angkot’, so she didn’t feel guilty.

Finally, at 00.15, arrived at home, having a lovely conversation with my Boss, and sleep.


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