the first three days in my senior year

So, finally I’m in my senior year! Glad to have lovely family and friends:) I’ll share what happened during these three days.

My first day started with Protestant Religion and Ethics class. I attended this class as one of the assistants and mentors, so this subject wasn’t my first class I’ve attended. This class was very full and I met my juniors from Intermedia division at PMK ITB. It was very fun! After that class, I moved to Basic Science B building (known as Prodi at my study program) to attend Engineering and Environment Geophysics class, lectured by Mr. Wahyudi (one of Bang Bedog’s best buddies). There was an inside joke in my class that happened between Muhsin (my Arabic-lookalike-friend) with Mr. Wahyudi.

Mr.W: (checking presence of the students) Muhsin?

one of my friends: He is Arabian, Sir!

Mr.W: Alright, Muhsin, can you understand Bahasa Indonesia?

and all students in the class was laughing out loud. For your info, Muhsin is a real Indonesian.

As usual, the first meeting was discussing about rules, reference used in this class, and overview about the courses. After that, no courses was left, I met Kak Irene that has done her first seminar to give the famous Ganda kaya jam (I was asking about her free time and she said that she was having her seminar on that day, so I was very surprised. Hope that jam makes you happy, Kak 🙂 )

The second day, my class was started at 11.00 a.m. Before that class, I was able to visit Ci Wiwiek and had my morning run (and at the end of a day, I was regretting my decision to do the morning run). My first class happened at the top of GKU Barat building, one of the tallest building in ITB, and no elevators was there, so I was using the stairs. The first class in that day was Communication in Geophysics, lectured by Mr. Agus, our Head of Study Program (there was a lot of people named Agus here!). Nearly same with Mr.Wahyudi, at this first meeting we discussed about

rules, reference used in this class, and overview about the courses. At one point, Mr. Agus promised that our study program would subscribe cable television program (and the next day, when I visit Prodi, it was really happened.. Thanks, Sir!) After that class, based on the main schedule, I was having Industrial Engineering Management, but that course was rescheduled to 4.00 p.m at Basic Science A room (this room was taller that the top room of GKU Barat). At 4.05 p.m, one of my friend said that the room was moved to 9006, and it made me and other students that’d attend that course must move downstairs. When we was confused about the room (because no one knew where was 9006 placed), someone said that the room was moved to 9306, and we were going there. The course was taught by Ms. Ari and we were discussing about the course time that was rescheduled because Ms. Ari only could be lectured us at odd weeks, twice a week, and each courses duration would be 1.5 hour. After the long discussion, the conclusion was the class would be announced later and the real class would start at September 11th. At 5.00 p.m, I was having meeting with Navigators, discussed about the Open House program and introduced with the new delicious snacks: ‘Cilok’ with peanut sauce. Yum! Ending that day, I was having dinner with lovely FKK ladies, Honey and Ainun, then went home, and felt VERY tired.

The third day starts at 10 a.m with Inversion in Geophysics class lectured by Mr. Grandis. I was coming late about 10 minutes and after something happened there, I was promised to myself that I won’t be coming late again. The class happened at Labtek Biru, a new place for me and my friends to study. At the first impression, I thought that this course would be fun because what we would learn was something I loved, making programs, calculating, and modelling. At the first meeting, the course was happened as it is should be. After that course, I was going home to took something left and played with Nasya, then back to campus again to had my course again. The last course of that day was Disaster Mitigation with Mr. Nanang. That course was fun because we discussed about something happened, would happened, and should happened when disaster came. When the class ednded, I could’t go home because my friends in batch 2009 would have big meeting that discussed anything that should be discussed (and there was an inside joke, too, about the new couple, Rexha and Tania. Haha). The meeting was ended and I was going home with Om Gusde and Yuny. On the way, I was having a sharing session with Om Gusde (and it was reminding me about old times with my one of bestbuds that is a very busy person right now). Om Gusde was drove me until Setiabudi Supermarket, that I was having some old hobbies business there. After finishing my business there, I was going home by myself and write this post.

That was my very first three days in my senior year. Glad to meet my friend after those long holidays!

P.S.: Lots of my friends asked me if I’ve missed my bestbud that haven’t come from his journey and I don’t know what to say.  Nothing. Just pray taht my senior year would be memorable and the best for me would be happened. Sorry for lots of typo.


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