a new beginning

finally, and officially, I’ve graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology.

well, my graduation is also my father’s birthday present, since he has his birthday few days before my graduation day.

after graduation, people always said to us, “Welcome to real life!”

and the next question is, “What will you choose? Getting a job or take a postgraduate study?”

I’ve chosen mine, and all depends on God, depends on what He wants.

about love story? I have moved on from the past. if it’s official, gonna tell you. from now on, just let it flow, and let God decide next.

about life story? I’m still struggling to move on from the past, and the problems. It may take a long time, because of the trauma. Just take the trauma healing session, such as mingle with friends and avoiding the trauma trigger. and a lot of pray, too!

that’s a quick update from me. stay tuned!



  1. Hey congrats!!!
    Anyway, I don’t know what you had on your past. But everybody has their own past. The past makes them the person they are now. So, yeah… hangin there!! Whatever you come across right now will make you a better person 🙂

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