small research things

people that have known me for a long time know that I LOVE to do research among more than one choice, if there are any, before decide to choose the best. For example, when I must search for the most valuable transportation, based on the travel time, price, service, and location, from Bandung to my hometown, because my family had moved to ‘the middle of nowhere’ and no one can help us in this issue. Until now, the most valuable and recommended transportation that support my commute life so far are MGI Bus and x*trans travel (next week I’ll try Ba*raya and I’ll tell the result later. I had bad experience with Ba*raya so I don’t set high expectation with them and Ci*ti*trans, can you open the Cibubur-DU route, please, near Kota Wisata? I need it SO BAD).

I also love to do research in small things like choose the best value beauty salon, the best value shopping place if you need something, the best way to reach some place with public or private transportation, even the best value place to do printing things! It’s nice to do the research first, especially the asking-others-recommendation and comparing-prices events. They are quite tiring and need a long time, but worth it. Sometimes I skip the asking-recommendation part and impulsively try something based on their ad or their looks (or if my friend dare me), whatever the result is. From that long event, I can decide which place are worth to be their loyal customer (and their free-ad by recommend them to my friend, HA HA) or decide that one-time-trying is enough because they are not as good as their ad. Based of my experience, many of my friends ask my recommendation about something, such as dining place, shopping place, the good transportation, or anything, except choosing a right boyfriend, because I haven’t publish my research result and I’m still single *bazooka approaches* 😀 One of my friend even called me a walking 108 (in Indonesia, it is a phone number of Yellow Pages). When I can, I will give my advise honestly and in objective way when my friend ask me to help them, with my magic sentence, “That was my opinion. The last decision is yours.” So far, most of my friends are satisfied with my recommendation and addicted with them 😀

That was my story about my research experience. How about yours?


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