happy birthday, moi

happy 22nd year to you, dear myself πŸ™‚

it’s a pleasure to have it at home, without proper Internet connection and phone signal, right?

always believe that God loves you and He can be trusted everytime, even to ask simple things and keep your secret safe!

Bapak, Mamak, and Abang loves you too!

Even your friends and ‘your-missing-part-that-has-not-show-his-face-or-confess-it-to-yourself-yet’ (and hope that, um, next (or maybe another next?) year you will know him and celebrate your birthday with him, maybe πŸ˜€ )

I believe that you can face this year with hope in Christ alone, and supports from those are loving you so much.

Remember that your life is full of choices, not full of obligations, so you should live your life passionately πŸ™‚

Live your live and seize your day, dear




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