Happy New Year 2014

*disclaimer : this post was written one week before my birthday. I was afraid that I would very busy during this Christmas holiday (and we don’t have good internet connection here).*

Hello, there! Happy new year!

Let’s make this post different than previous year(s)

I don’t have any resolution (to be publicized) that going to be achieved this year.
I’m still having lot of dreams to be achieved, but, for this year, I think it is better to keep it as a secret, and post it to this journal if those resolution has been achieved.

Just pray for me that my family and I still trust God and be happy, especially when we are facing our ‘valley of the shadow of death’ like now, hope it will ends soon. Amen!

Last, I am blessed with this passage, and want to share this to you. Hope it will be a good remembrance everyday, to start our day with passion (credits to xiphos71.deviantart.com)

feel blessed with this passage. credits to the designer (source :http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/322/7/a/1_corinthians_15_10_by_xiphos71-d6uspwc.jpg)

Last, have a nice 2014 start, readers! Bless you 🙂


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