first post in 2015

after 30 days passed.

Actually, thank God, I can have survey projects on touristic places, so I can have a vacation during work time.

By the way, this month, after Christmas break given by my boss, I had to perform some researches at touristic places.

First, at Nusa Dua, Bali.
That was my first time flying from Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung, after living in this city for five years. I usually use Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta when it comes to flying business. So excited!
At Bali, I had a survey to map subsurface condition of a-soon-to-be apartment complex site, because it located at a hilltop. The view was amazing, I could see Tol Bali Mandara that located on the sea clearly.
After the survey finished, my client treated us (me and my team) to take a visit to Tanah Lot. What a wonderful survey (or vacation? I’m not sure)

Second, at Tangkuban Parahu site, or around Bandung, to be sure.
My newest soon-to-be research required me to perform a gravity-method-calibration around Bandung-Tangkuban Parahu trail. My team used the classic trail, Museum Geologi-UPI-Alun Alun Lembang-Tangkuban Parahu-Alun Alun Lembang-UPI-Museum Geologi. During the research, my client told me that the newest trail was behind my residence, but they were not sure about the gravity value there.
When my mom and dad knew that I was going to perform a research at Tangkuban Parahu, they asked me to visit my uncles that worked there. My uncles were asking my parents to visit them when my parents at Bandung, but my parents had no time, so my visit there should make my uncles happy (and it did). To be short, the calibration travel could be said as a trip around Bandung for free! (but with responsibility for giving a report to the client)

My mom said, because God knows that my parents couldn’t afford for a vacation, so He gave me some opportunities to have a vacation through those surveys events. Because ‘there are no such thing as a free lunch’, I had to work and make report perfectly, so I can travel more ❤


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